Corona virus in the Netherlands

The covid-19 virus, better known as the corona virus, has also landed in the Netherlands. The number of cases is limited at the time of writing. However, experts expect that the number of infections will increase in the coming days. You can read about the current status at

I will relocate to the Netherlands shortly

No panic. As said the number of infections will most likely increase but fact is that it will still be a relatively small group of people who will be seriously affected. These are the people whose health is already not very good and/or people with lung diseases.

I want to relocate an employee to the Netherlands, do we need to postpone or cancel?

There is no need to postpone or cancel the plan at this point of time. Moreover, the virus is active in many countries in the world (please see this overview that is always actual), so I think that postponing the relocation in many cases will not bring a smaller risk.

Can Settle Service still assist me?

Settle Service has taken several precautionairy measures to minimize the possible effect of the virus. We all received instructions about how to prevent contamination with the virus. We follow these guidelines to make sure that we can continue to assist you/your employee.

Even if my colleagues or myself would get ill due to the virus we can still continue our work. We can work from home if the disease has a mild effect, like in most cases. If necessary we can take over each other’s work and when it would become really bad several freelance consultants are ready to step in when needed.

We have a contigency plan in place. This plan describes four phases;

1. the virus is there but not many people in the Netherlands affected;
2. the virus spreads yet seems under control;
3. the virus spreads even more and does seem to be out of control;
4. the virus hits Settle Service employees.

We have policies for each phase. The current phase is 2, which means that we all have to make sure that our personal hygiene is optimal. Settle Service employees that have recently visited a risk area and have a cold/cough are asked to work from home. We do not shake hands with people from the risk areas.

Goal of the contigency plan is to guarantee the delivery of services. If there is news about the phase that we are in we will inform you accordingly.

If you have questions please do let me know, or just leave a message at contact page.

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