Waiting time for local registration

Currently, the local registration procedure might take some time. Due to the increased influx, the ExpatCenters have become very busy, leading to waiting time for local registration. The usual waiting time is a couple of weeks.


The Dutch immigration authorities IND and a number of local authorities have established special ExpatCenters and Expat Desks in order to service both companies and employees optimally. One of the main advantages of working with an ExpatCenter is that the fiscal number (BSN) is issued immediately after the registration. All newcomers to the Netherlands will have to register if they hold a non EU nationality. And EU citizens will have to register if they intend to stay in the Netherlands for four months or more.

We may arrange the required registrations differently, by going to a ‘normal’ IND office and a ‘normal’ town hall desk for the registration. However, using this procedure, the fiscal number will only be issued after 4 to 6 weeks. So, this will not really mean a time gain.

Settle Service has a close relation with all ExpatCenters in the Netherlands. We are working with the ExpatCenters to reduce the waiting time as much as possible.

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