The impact of Covid-19 on the Dutch rental housing market

The rental housing market in the Netherlands

The Dutch rental housing market has changed significantly as a result of the Covid-19 crisis. Record breaking low rental prices are now asked especially in the area of Amsterdam and Amstelveen. The rental prices in other cities have also decreased, so says this article from NL Times in October 2020.

Lower rental prices in Amsterdam and Amstelveen

In particular, the price of semi and fully-furnished housing in Amsterdama nd Amstelveen has gone down. Less expats coming to town forces landlords to adjust rental prices. They may give a discount on the first 6/12 months rent to avoid properties to remain empty.

Effect of the crisis on the rental market in numbers

We can easily speak of a 15% drop on the rental prices in Amstelveen, with areas such as Westwijk suffering the most. Up to 20% rental adjustments in some areas of Amsterdam such as the Historical Centre and the Old South area.

In other words, the effect of Covid-19 on the Dutch rental housing market is considerable.

The added value of home search assistance

You may ask why is it so important, especially now, to have some one guide you through the housing process while the Dutch rental housing market offers so many properties

The answer is clear; there are so many available houses online, that it is difficult to recognize the good from the bad.

Settle Service can help your employees/you to narrow down the best available offers, and help you with the settling in process to make sure you can enjoy a good start to your new life in the Netherlands.

More information/request a quote

Would you like to receive more information on this topic or on how Settle Service can assist your employees/yourself. Please do leave a message on our contact page!

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