Organ donor registration in the Netherlands

Why register as an organ donor in the Netherlands?

You may think as an expat living in the Netherlands that discussions about organ donation don’t apply to you. But they do. If you are registered as living in the Netherlands, you need to choose what happens to your body if you die here. Of course we hope that will never happen! But just in case, we recommend you make your preference known.

Why register your choice?

It’s important to register your choice and discuss it with your partner/family. This makes it easier for everyone if the unfortunate should happen.

What are the organ donor registration options?

You can choose one of four options regarding organ donation:

  • You want to be a donor
  • To not be a donor
  • You designate someone to make the decision on your behalf if you die or
  • Your partner/family decides for you after you die.

If you choose to be a donor, you can specifiy which organs and tissues you wish to donate. Whichever option you choose, you can change it later.

What happens if I don’t register my choice?

If you do not register a choice by 19 January 2021, the Donor Register will state that you have no objection to donating your organs. This means that your organs may be given to a patient after your death. A doctor will of course discuss this with your partner or family first.

How do I register my choice?

You can either go to if you have a DigiD, or you can fill in the form you receive in the post and mail it. If you would like more information on donating organs and tissues, please visit www.donorregister.nl

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