Give your international knowledge workers a head start!

Does your company work with international knowledge workers? How do you ensure that they start delivering when they start working?

Start delivering from work day 1

If you attract international employees you do that for a reason. One of the reasons may be that it is difficult to find the people you are looking for in the Netherlands. Whatever reason it is why you are attracting people from abroad, you want them to be successful as from day 1, don’t you?

Offer a fresh new start to your international knowledge workers

One of the things that you can do to make your international employees successful as from day 1 is to offer them relocation support. Settle Service offers programmes for all budgets. Starting with a welcome programme that provides your expats with the information about what to do when themselves up to VIP programmes for your most crucial new wins.

Welcome programme

How do you offer a fresh new start to your international knowledge workers? The welcome programme offers your new international hires all relevant information to settle in in the Netherlands. With this information and clear instructions your employee will be able to self-service his/her relocation!

Add immigration services for non-EU employees

Does your new employee hold a non-EU nationality? Settle Service has a specialized inhouse immigration team that can assist with all applications for international knowledge workers. The success rate is 100% as we foresee possible pitfalls and actively seek for solutions.

Add Settle Blocks for personalized assistance

Do you want to offer your international employees more relocation experience? Offer relocation assistance time! Together with your employee we will determine which services we will offer. Some people will like our home finding assistance. Others will prefer to have personal accompaniment during the most important appointments. Everything is possible within your authorization.

Did you know that we can already start with our assistance while your employee still lives abroad? Remote home finding has become one of our specialties in the last months. Your employee will move to the permanent residence upon arrival in the Netherlands and your company will save costs for temporary accommodation.

Fresh new start for your international employees

With this programme you will offer your new employees from abroad a fresh new start. They will be ready to start working and to deliver. The fee that you will pay to Settle Service is fully in your hands; you decide on the spend!

I want to receive an offer!

Please do contact us , you will receive our quote within 1 business day.

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