Patricia Andrade

Relocation Coordinator

When I arrived in the Netherlands, I understood how complicated it is to have all the documents in order and to find a home. I needed a lot of help and it was not always easy to find it. That is why it is very rewarding for me to be able to help through Settle Service anyone who wants and needs to move to the Netherlands. I am lucky to surround myself with true professionals so that your relocation process is smooth, personal, and even fun! I will be happy to answer all your questions. 

Navigating the Dutch Healthcare Insurance System

Introduction The Netherlands is globally recognized for its high-quality healthcare system, accessible to all residents and citizens. At the heart of this laudable system is Dutch healthcare insurance, designed to provide everyone with necessary medical care without causing financial strain. […]

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AI explored; Automated Resume Screening

The use of AI in HR and global recruiting enables automated resume screening, which saves time and resources. Benefits include increased efficiency, faster candidate evaluation, and reduced human bias. However, risks involve potential algorithmic bias and overlooking valuable candidates. Balancing […]

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AI explored; Pro’s and Cons of AI for HR

AI is a trending topic in the past months. Logical, as AI seems to have many benefits, also in the field of HR. In the coming weeks we will explore the pro’s and cons of AI for HR. Pro’s of […]

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