Brexit update April 2, 2019

The outcome of the Brexit process still remains unclear. What will happen after April 12? Will the UK leave the EU with the agreement that PM May has negotiated after all? Or will there be a ‘hard Brexit’, without an agreement? Will a further postponement be decided on?

More news from the Dutch goverment can be found on the website of the immigration authorities IND. We advise you to view this site frequently as the IND no longer sends Brexit newsletters.

The Dutch government has sent out temporary residence permits to all registered UK citizens in the Netherlands. When you have received the letter from the IND as your temporary residence permit, we strongly advise to keep it safe. You will only need the temporary permit once Brexit has been implemented. At that time please bear a copy of this letter in your passport at all times. Furthermore it is advised to register yourself at

If you have lived in the Netherlands more than five years and have been registered here during this period it would be good to apply for a permit for indefinite stay. We gladly assist you, please see our special Brexit services.

If you go for the indefinite residence permit, you will be exempted from the civil integration exam and the work permit requirement as long as you were registered at local authorities before March 29th.

If you are a cross boarder worker you will require a sticker from the IND after Brexit. With this sticker you can prove that you can legally work in the Netherlands.

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