Looking for rental properties for your international employees?

More and more companies in The Netherlands assist their international employees with finding suitable rental properties. Especially in the Randstad (mid-west) area, the demand for houses is far higher than the supply. Consequently, prices are flying through the roof.  While the expat community is steadily growing, the shortage of suitable houses is rapidly becoming a bigger problem. The shortage of rental properties  will reach its height in 2018. From 2019, this shortage is expected to slightly decrease. The shortage of  rental properties estimated in 2017 will be around 178.000 and will increase to 200.000 rental houses in 2018.*.

Prices for rental properties

Depending on location and housing requirements, a minimum rental budget of €1.250 to € 1.600 per month applies in the Randstad area.
In Amsterdam, prices for rental properties currently start at €1.500 per month, and even then consider them located in the outskirts and limited in supply. One can find cheaper options on the internet, but most of these properties have already been rented out or can only be rented illegally (sublet). You won’t be suprised to hear that Amsterdam is the most expensive city to live in the Netherlands.

Independent Search

It is possible for an individual  to look for properties by themselves. One rule that applies is that when one requests a real estate agent to search the entire market on her/his behalf, a commission will be due. Experience teaches us that one must invest quite some time in the search process.
Also, some real estate agents will invite 20 to 30 potential lessees at the same time to a property viewing. This results in renting out the property almost instantly, Easy commision for the agent, but low quality service for the clients. Most companies do not want to have their new employees standing in line and wasting valuable time. Time they can rather spend on work. Working with a relocation service provider can make these processes more welcoming, easier and less timely/costly.

Searching through a relocation service provider

Searching for a rental property through a relocation service provider gives a couple of advantages:

  • Your employee will find a ‘legal’ rental property. Renting an illegal (sublet) property may have severe consequences;
  • A relocation provider always acts in the best interest of the employee. We make sure the rental contract meets the legal requirements and includes only acceptable conditions;
  • A relocation provider also coordinates the move in date and may assist with the move in inspection. In this case you can expect a clear report including pictures of the condition of the property;
  • Settle Service offers the possibility to search the entire market, while not having to pay full agency commission.

When a relocation service provider searches for a rental property in the ‘lower’ budget price regions, real estate agents tend to prefer their presented clients, as they know that the rental candidates have been screened thoroughly. This also increases the changes of finding a suitable rental property for your employee.

*Source: https://www.capitalvalue.nl/nl/nieuws/woningtekort-bereikt-hoogtepunt-in-2018-1


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