Quality; what does that mean?

At Settle Service, delivering excellent services is one of our top priorities. But what are excellent services? Quality; what does that mean?

Listening = management of expectations

The first thing that counts is to listen to our clients. What are your expectations from the Netherlands? Which expectations do you hold from Settle Service? The personal intake call that we will have is one of the most important steps in the entire relocation process. We will listen to you and explain what you may expect in the Netherlands. You will be offered a personalized programme, that will fit your requirements within the boundaries that are given within the programme that we have agreed upon with your employer.

Sharing feedback

So, the first step is taken. We know you a little bit and you know what to expect from us. Then we will start your services, in order to easen your relocation to the Netherlands. Based on your nationality and the agreements made with your employer, we will start with the immigration formalities. After your application has been approved, you may come to the Netherlands. We will start with the relocation (also called destination) services while you are still in your home country.

If you feel that we do the right things, please tell us so. We are all human beings, who like it when their work is appreciated. If you feel that we can do things better, please tell us too. The sooner you tell us, the better we will be able to change things in order to get you happy. That is what we want! Excellent services mean something else for each and every person.

Quality, how do we measure that?

At the end of your relocation process, you will receive an evaluation in which we ask you to value our services. We appreciate your honest feedback and comments. To give you a clue of how other people have valued our services, please find the evaluation results over 2015 herewith:

Return rate: 64%;
95% have given us good and excellent rates;
The overall score in 2015 was 3,62 out of 4.

We are very proud. I sincerely wish that you will also enjoy our services. Welcome!

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